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Faith Lutheran Church

The Congregational Care Team

(Approved 09/27/2010)



The Congregational Care Team is the appointed representatives of the Priesthood of all Believers who work cooperatively with the Pastor to monitor and advocate for the spiritual and emotional well being of the members and friends of Faith Lutheran Church.



  1. The Congregational Care Team shall be appointed by the President of the congregation with input from the Pastor and the Congregational Care Team Leader. The Congregational Care Team shall consist of as many members as is necessary to maintain a proper balance of congregational care. The President shall work with the SaLT and the Congregational Care Team to determine when additional members shall be appointed.
  2. Select (or chose) a leader to serve as a liaison to the SaLT, Elders and the Pastor. The ministry Team Leader shall give a written report of activities at least quarterly to the SaLT and shall provide a report tp the Voters at least semi-annually.



The Congregational CareTeam shall:

  1. Nurture and encourage the spiritual growth of all members of the congregation.
    1. Make phone calls of support, to members with spiritual needs
    2. Encourage their participation in congregational activities and to use their spiritual gifts to the Glory of Christ.
  2. Maintain a care list of members and friends of the congregation. Each Congregational Care Team member is assigned a list of names for their attention
    1. Pray for those on their assigned list
    2. Communicate with them and be attentive to their spiritual and physical needs in time of crisis.
    3. Seek ways to care for individual and family needs of the congregation. (Physical – i.e. provide meals, transportation, as necessary, to congregation members and families in crisis) (Spiritual – i.e. provide prayers)
    4. If needed, be a liaison between the Pastor and a member
  3. Assimilation of new members and visitors
    1. Get to know new members and visitors
    2. Introduce visitors to Pastor and members of the congregation
    3. Encourage new member class attendance
    4. Determine their interests and spiritual gifts and encourage them to serve God and the congregation in those areas
    5. Encourage participation in church fellowship